An Assassin’s Creed community and fansite, with the mission to decipher the most cryptic parts of the Assassin’s Creed lore, help franchise newcomers understand the overarching narrative and deliver the latest news about the brand’s progress and the evolution of the plot over time, in its various forms, from main games and spin offs, to comics and novels. Established December 21st, 2014 as The Lore Pages, and later adopting The Codex as a new title. Founded by Ubisoft Star Player and Assassin’s Creed Brand Ambassador and Community Leader, Rino.

Leap into history and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Assassin’s Creed.



“At one point, I started noticing that there are many fans who claim that the lore wasn’t important to them, anymore. That the majority cares more about historical toursim than story-telling. That was the turning point for me. The lore was the reason why I got into this franchise, and we were on the brink of losing it, by taking the approach of standalone games linked by a context, instead of the episodic feeling the Desmond Saga and Ezio’s trilogy had. It’s the story and the details that made me change my mind about historical games, because the games weren’t just about slaying enemies in stunning graphics and special effects and exploring breathtaking old cities to collect random items and perform small side-quests.

To me, the games were about the rich database and the overarching story. So, seeing some fans say that they don’t understand the lore, or feel surprise when I mention stuff like “Instruments of the First Will”, made me remember how I struggled at first to understand everything, so I wanted to do something. I wanted to make people know what Assassin’s Creed is all about and show them how important the over-arching narrative is.

I wanted to show Ubisoft, the wonderful, brilliant group of geniuses behind this epic franchise that we care about the lore, that we care about the over-arching story, that we care about First Civilization-related progress and that we need to see significant progress with each new game.

I took the responsibility of showing the fans the importance of it and how the lore is the reason why this franchise is the most distinguished and original among so many others, and how the way the story is told is what put it above any other franchise. Once the fans understand its importance, they will feel motivated to learn more about it and this will lead to a higher demand from the fanbase to know more, to see progress to every story, to see every loose end tried up, and a conclusion to every unfinished story.

This is my mission. This is my Codex” – RinoTheBouncer