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Ubisoft has just released a video detailing all the updates and additional content arriving in the month of December. Here’s a recap of all the upcoming content:

  1. Legacy of the First Blade – Episode 1 “Hunted” (out now).
  2. The Lost Tales of Greece “The Image of Faith” quest.
  3. New “Celestion” pack including a new outfit, a deadly weapon, ship crew, sail and figurehead.
  4. The Rooks (from Syndicate) will join the Adrestia as a ship crew.

In addition to these new elements, the Photo Mode has already received new effects “Fog”, “Bloom” and “Contrast” with the previous update, as well as raising level cap to 65 and adding Mastery Levels which allow players to use their remaining ability points to further improve their character through a brand new menu, to help buff the character even further.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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