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New information regarding future Assassin’s Creed Odyssey update coming in November and beyond revolving around New Game Plus, mythical creatures, player level caps and more, coming from Jorraptor’s latest video:

  1. Legacy outfits aren’t yet planned, so far, due to technical issues related to character gear being handled as separate parts, hence moving legacy elements to the Adrestia such as Evie Frye and Bayek of Siwa being lieutenants.
  2. More lieutenants will be coming to the Adrestia.
  3. New Game Plus is in the works and will be coming soon.
  4. The development team is looking into giving players a chance to switch between Alexios and Kassandra when launching a New Game + save file, once the game is completed.
  5. In New Game Plus, players will maintain their gear and abilities they’ve earned in the original playthrough.
  6. It is project that this November, players will be able to gain a level cap increase regardless of whether they own a season pass or not, and players who already gained XP beyond the level 50 cap will gain a head start once the cap is raised.
  7. A new mythical creature is set to appear in November. Unlike The Trials of the Gods in Origins, mythical creatures won’t appear for a limited time, but rather remain until they’re defeated by the player.
  8. Players won’t be able to toggle on helmets and hoods during cutscenes in the future.
  9. So far, there aren’t any future plans for the Arena.
  10. Additional gear packs will be available through the Helix store every two weeks.
  11. There’s a possibility for making the automatic enemy level calling more flexible, thought it is unlikely for players to be able to turn that feature off.
  12. Epic mercenaries and ships will at some point rotate/return so that players who aren’t well-leveled up at the time of their appearance, will have the time to face them when they’ve progressed enough and win the rewards.

Watch the footage by Jorraptor, here.

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