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Game Informer has just unveiled the cover for their September issue which will focus on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in an exclusive coverage. Explore the Game Informer Assassin’s Creed Odyssey hub which will offer new content for the whole month.


  1. The protagonist is the descendant of Leonidas, which is what enables him/her to wield immense powers. According to Game Informer, the player won’t be able to wield lightning like Zeus from the start, but instead evolve his/her powers as they play and progress to achieve powers comparable to those of the Pieces of Eden in the past games which we could only experience for a few minutes, but throughout the entire game.
  2. Odyssey features a 100-square miles world, divided almost evenly between land and sea.
  3. The world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey levels up with the player. As players enter a zone that is for example leveled between 5-10 and then leave and level up the character and come back, they won’t find it at the same level, but has actually evolved and leveled up as well.
  4. Cities are 30% larger than Origins’ Alexandria
  5. Players who spend time lingering in each city will be rewarded by seeing NPCs perform various activities such as marble slabs being transported from the quarry and transformed into statues.
  6. Layla Hassan will “travel a bit” in Odyssey.
  7. Ubisoft did not yet confirm whether there will be a discovery mode like Origins’ “Discovery Tour” but it’s quite likely, according to Game Informer.
  8. There isn’t a hidden blade in Odyssey but the Spear of Leonidas will replace it, and due to the fact that it isn’t tethered to the protagonist’s body, it will allow players to perform ranged and close combat attacks.
  9. Players will be able to upgrade the Spear of Leonidas and doing so will act as a gating mechanism for upgrading others skills.
  10. Alexios/Kassandra will visit First Civilization “shrines” across Greece and will be able to upgrade the Spear of Leonidas.
  11. Myths will be written about the protagonist by Herodotus because he/she is able to perform “miracles of the gods”.
  12. Some of the choices in the game will have an instant feedback/change of outcome, while others will affect later events.
  13. Both Alexios and Kassandra are short-tempered, emotional, passionate people, but it’s up to the player to decide whether they’ll follow their heart and compassion or to let cold, hard coin lead the way.
  14. As of now, there’s only one bow type, instead of three, like Origins. 
  15. The most significant way to upgrade gear is through legendary items.
  16. As soon as players pick up a legendary item, it’s stats are added as an engraving option to the list.
  17. A complex web of interactions in Greece affect and is affected by the player. Sparta and Athens along with all the 28 states are at war, and players can influence the outcome of the war with their own actions. Some states can be weakened while others get stronger. The protagonist can influence that since he/she is a mercenary after all.
  18. Staying on the right side of the law will lead to less trouble for the protagonist. As confirmed but The Codex during E3, stealing items in front of other citizens will lead them to report the player to the local authorities, and thereby causing I trouble.
  19. When the protagonist creates enemies, they will hire mercenaries against him/her. The player will have a choice whether to kill or recruit said mercenary to their ship.
  20. Some mercenaries are hand-crafted characters with unique backstories and/or legendary items, while others are pool-generated similarly to those in Shadow of Mordor.
  21. Mercenaries provide the toughest challenges, and players will either have to defeat them or pay off the bounty.
  22. If enemies call reinforcements and players don’t have a bounty, the mercenaries won’t attack unless you’re facing them directly, unlike the Phylakes in Origins who attack on sight for any or no reason.
  23. Players can choose their approach for each mission, whether it’s stealthy or not.
  24. The biggest surprises start with a fall.



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