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1. Ravensthrope is the centerpiece of the world.
2. First it’s empty and you start to choose what to build.
3. After construction, you get the services, stories and befriending/romancing the villager in charge.
4. One of of the buildings Eivor can construct is a Blacksmith.
5. Stable & Aviary to keep and train your mounts (improve their galloping and stamina, swimming lessons turning horses to a four-legged boat).
6. Trading Post, for purchasing new resources and cosmetics.
7. Barracks: design and outfit your own Jomsvikingr lieutenant customize appearance with unlocked gear, share them with friends and add them to their longships.
8. Mundi plays Orlog, a dice game (similar to Yahtzee).
The Hidden Ones bureau lies in the settlement staffed by a proto-Assassin Hytham, looks after a board of targets of mysterious figures.
9. Eivor and the Hidden Ones have common enemy “dug itself into England”, the Order of Ancients.
10. The settlement has six levels.
11. Hunter’s Hut: exchange animal parts and turn legendary hides into trophies
12. Fishing Hut.
13. Shipyard, brewery, a bakery, cartographer, museum, Seer’s hut, graveyard, houses for key characters and farms.
14. Longhouse is a base of operations supervised by Randvi, the de facto leader who is also Sigurd’s wife.
15. There’s a room for Eivor to one side of the longhouse, a bed to heal up in, and a box where you’ll receive letters.
16. Settlement evolves over the course of the game. Some of the changes are caused by Eivor spending resources or building.
17. Others happen without Eivor, as they return to find trades set up shops or people elected to improve architecture.
18. Settlement is a permanent fixture.
19. Blacksmiths, tailors and most vendors are restricted to the settlement.
20. Return to improve your loadout
21. Museum is overseen by a British Roman fanatic, Octavian, who repairs local ruins.
22. The Seer’s Hut is tended by a woman named Valka. She brews (and spits into) a mixture which Eivor can drink to access “another time, another plane”, which appears to be how the game accesses its mythical side “like Odyssey’s Atlantis”.
13. Players might be able to reach Norse gods from the settlement. “It’s a whole new section of the game… it’s pretty big.”; stated Davis Bolle.
14. Regarding romances, you reunite at the settlement after quests, go on dates, break up and explore other options.
15. It’s like visiting family in real life and being greeting with warmth, happy or sad news.
16. You can’t marry and have kids
17. Eivor will assassinate members of the Orders of the Ancient, take their medallions and return to the Hidden Ones Bureau give them to Hytham who will teach you some key elements of the Assassins lore, some abilities, skills, and give you weapons.
18. The consequences of choice can either be momentary/superficial that help Eivor grow as a character, or run deep into the narrative and Eivor’s relationships with other characters.
19. The game seems ideally primed to get at the heart of what an Assassin is supposed to be. They’re not only killers of tyrants, but also very aggressive proponents of social justice and personal freedom who invest into those they protect.
20. Valhalla encourages players that the settlement is worth investing in. Characters are unique with their name, house and job. They work in their building and also interact with others, have their own life and agendas and are parts of the settlement’s main quests.
21. Valka, the Seer who lives in her hut at the settlement will cryptically talk about allowing Eivor to relive the life of Odin.
22. Choose which campaign quest to tackle from war room and return to invest, chat, and take side-quests.

23. Growing settlement adds new entries to the Codex24. Farms increase food for easts, which Eivor conducts to buff the crew.

Sources: Eurogamer & GameSpot

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