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Ubisoft has just announced the Animus Control Panel PC-Only additional content for Assassin’s Creed Origins, allowing players to tailor their own experience! For the first time in an Assassin’s Creed game, players will be able to tweak some game parameters to create their own game experience, thanks to the Animus Control Panel for PC. Take a look at this screenshot of the Animus Control Panel (Thanks to Dylan).

The Animus Control Panel will be deployed on PC later this month. Ever fancied having three animal companions? The Animus Control Panel is your go-to. Among the features is the ability to play the game as multiple characters other than Bayek, perhaps in a similar manner to Discovery Tour:

  1. 75 parameters within 11 categories
  2. Three pre-created presets available
  3. Presets created by players can be shared on a dedicated forum
  4. The Animus Control Panel is embedded in Uplay Library’s pageMore info will be shared more information about the Animus Control Panel and its dedicated forum closer to its release.

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