Assassin’s Creed Origins Patch 1.20 Deploying Tomorrow!

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This is to let you know that the 1.2.0 patch will be deployed on all platforms tomorrow, January 16.

Patch Size

Xbox One: 3GB
PS4: 3GB
Uplay PC: 2.6GB
Steam: 1.2GB

Please find the latest changes below.

Patch Highlights

◦ Adding support for the upcoming “The Hidden Ones” expansion

◦ Added “Incoming Threat” quest to the game

◦ Updated item loot pool of the Heka Chest (more details in the “New Features” section)

New Features

◦ Added a new quest to the world: “Incoming Threat”

◦ Added the Atlas view on the World Map displaying the Sinai and the Valley of Kings regions

◦ Added support for the “The Hidden Ones” expansion

◦ Added the possibility to sell-back outfits to the Weaver shops

◦ Added all the latest Store items from the Nightmare, First Civilization, Gladiator, Wacky, and Almighty packs to the Heka Chest

◦ Added the option to toggle the visibility of inventory items on the Gear menu


◦ Improved various cinematic transitions

◦ Increased the resistance of Khaliset to the Overpower Ultra ability

◦ Corrected the visual size of Isfet’s weapon in the quest “Lady of Slaughter” to match its collision box

◦ Prevented Tahirah from following the playable character after a certain distance in the quest “Reunion”

◦ Fixed various issues that might occur when skipping cinematics

◦ Fixed an issue causing the stash in the quest “The Mousetrap” to float

◦ Fixed an issue preventing the player from completing the quest “The Healer”

◦ Fixed various situations causing Jumbe, the War Elephant, to reset in the middle of combat

◦ Fixed an issue preventing the playable character from climbing and fighting while in the quest “The Final Weighing”

◦ Fixed an issue allowing Thutmose to lose his felucca in the quest “Blood in the Water”

◦ Fixed the delay before the Quest Completed trigger when completing the quest “A Tithe By Any Other Name”


◦ Reduce the difficulty of Hippodrome races

◦ Fixed an issue preventing enemies from being able to be pushed into the pit of the Duelist II Arena encounter

◦ Fixed an issue where players were ranked incorrectly after completing a Hippodrome race


◦ Improved the behavior of tamed animals

◦ Fixed various issues on how fire was applying damage to the playable character and NPCs

◦ Fixed an issue with the spawning of the playable character in the Haueris Nome

◦ Fixed an issue that could cause a desynchronization when controlling Senu from a hiding location

◦ Fixed the damage bonus applied by Master abilities, which was lower than designed

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the Chain Attack ability to work

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the Adrenaline ability to be triggered

◦ Fixed the Overpower Chain Throw ability that was awarding Assassinate bonus XP

◦ Fixed an issue allowing the inactive weapon to cause damage

◦ Fixed an issue with the distance counter not updating correctly when NPC is outside of the field of view

◦ Fixed various situation where the playable character could remain stuck

◦ Fixed various issues with the animations of the playable character

◦ Fixed various issues with the spawning, the reactions, and the animations of NPCs

User Interface

◦ Added the leaderboard to the Horde Mode menu panel

◦ Fixed an issue with the Target Menu not properly showing The Scarab after reloading the save game

◦ Fixed various issues with the World Map filters

◦ Fixed an issue making arrow disappear from its quiver in the gear page when using the customization options

◦ Fixed an overlapping issue with Custom Markers when playing in Traditional Chinese

◦ Fixed an issue where the “Bathhouse Towel” outfit would appear as new every time the playable character exits the bathhouse

◦ Fixed a mistranslation on a Papyrus puzzle when playing in Russian

◦ Fixed an issue with the distance counter not updating correctly when NPCs are outside of the field of view

◦ Fixed some discrepancies in the Quest Log

◦ Fixed various typos

◦ [Xbox One X] Fixed the user associated with the “Best Score” in the Arena leaderboard after having switched profile in the main menu

◦ [PC] Added a message telling players to restart their game after acquiring new downloadable contents

◦ [PC] Added the ‘Hide Icons’ action to the Eagle section of the Customize Controls option menu

◦ [PC] Fixed the Fast Travel action in the World Map


◦ Fixed the models of the Level 10 gears (bracers visual known issue)

◦ Fixed an issue with Weaver shops selling the same outfit more than once

◦ Fixed an issue with cages that could open by themselves when they had a prisoner

◦ Fixed several areas where the playable character could go through collisions

Graphics & Audio

◦ Balanced the audio volume level in different areas

◦ Fixed an issue when the playable character could continue to talk after dying

◦ Fixed various visual issues that could occur when transitioning from indoor to outdoor

◦ Fixed an issue with the intensity of the red when in HDR


◦ Improve overall stability of the game application

◦ Fixed various infinite loadings and black screen hangs

◦ [PC] Fixed game freeze after minimizing all tabs in Windows 7

◦ [PC] Improved Performance Metrics graphs functionality

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