Robert “Bob” Fraser, an employee of Abstergo Entertainment’s Sample 17 Project, tasked with reliving the genetic memories of Arno Dorian. Fraser joined the company around June 18th, 2014 and was immediately assigned to research Dorian’s life, in the hopes of helping Abstergo Entertainment make a blockbuster product to follow up the company’s previous titles.
If I were a true Assassin, I’d make use of the shadows, or hide in plain sight. But I’m just a mid-level employee at an entertainment corporation. My act of defiance must be different – and permanent.

Bob Fraser, 2014


Robert started showing signs of the Bleeding Effect which was noticed by Aidan St. Claire after seeing how skillful he became in Pharaoh, as his experiences within the Animus gave him an unfair advantage compared to others.

At some point, Bob broke into Aidan’s office and attempted to burn the hard copies of his reports which were all that remained. However, Aidan managed to piece together what’s left and enclosed it along with a critique and sent it to Melanie Lemay. As a part of his journey through Arno’s life, Fraser went through the Assassins Initiation Ritual that the French Brotherhood carried out upon inducting a new member into the Creed.

He was tasked to analyze the images and paintings that appear during the hallucinations/lucid dream that Arno had after drinking from the Chalice. It was observed that after this, Bob started showing deeper signs of immersion and that his interest in Arno’s life exceeded the professional limits, compared to the early days. They weren’t the typical signs of the Bleeding Effect, yet as a precaution, Victoria Bibeau suggested that all outside activity that tmight pertain even nominally to Fraser’s assignment such as gaming activities of the era, reading about the Revolution and the Reign of Terror, and even encouraging him to improve his french, etc. to be curtailed.

As Fraser was about to face the darker days of the French Revolution as well as his own intensifying concern and immersion into Arno’s life, Aidan St. Claire suggested that he takes breaks from Arno’s life more frequently, taking walks and completely disconnecting from Arno and the 18th century and returning to Bob (himself) and the 21st century. July 14th, 2014, almost a month from the day Robert started working for Abstergo Entertainment, he contacted Victoria Bibeau regarding his flashbacks and exacerbating signs of the Bleeding Effect and ever-intensifying immersion into the world of Arno Dorian.

He explained that despite being told that these memories aren’t his, he still feels that they’re his as he can smell the strawberries, taste the tender crust of the pastry of his favorite dessert and remembers every scraped knee, tree climbed and every moment spent with Elise. These thoughts and memories started invading Fraser’s dreams, and his love for Elise have carried on with him out of the Animus that he broke up with his girlfriend Anna because of it, saying he doesn’t want her anymore and instead wants the laughed red-haired woman, Elise.

He demanded being taken off this case as he even starts wondering sometimes whether he’s really Arno or not. He also started relating this feeling to being Arno himself reincarnated into his 21st century self as Robert Fraser, similar to how the Sage is in a continuous cycle of reincarnation. Shortly afterwards, Bob started showing more noticeable and physical signs of the Bleeding Effect, shaky hands, overlapping identities, memories and feelings.

Later, Fraser experienced an impossible memory trip as Arno, witnessing locations and events that Arno couldn’t have possibly lived through. There were no people, except Fraser exploring these worlds and memories through Arno’s avatar. He witnessed monuments that could never have existed during Arno’s lifetime such as The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty during its construction phase. But then the world started to unravel. Bits and pieces fading in and out of existence. And at some point, he heard a woman’s voice, Elise. She was calling to him, yet soon he discovered that it wasn’t her. He also heard music that he recognized in the session, yet he never knew before that, as if this is someone else’s memory.

It can’t be his and it can’t be Arno’s, yet he could still recognize it. Fraser was given a leave of absence due to his obvious signs of dissociation from reality. He later requested reapplication for Project Arno Dorian from Melanie Lemay. He promised to prove his ability to continue to contribute to this project which is certain to be a great hit for Abstergo Entertainment as a game, not as real life. Robert wrote one final diary/letter and his whereabouts and allegiances remain unknown.

However, it is evident from his words that holds a massive grudge against the Templars, as he wanted to avenge his love, Elise. He also mentioned how he knows that they’re after him and Victoria Bibeau. Here’s a transcript of his letter: “I have finished my “assignment.” there is, therefore, no more use for me, Robert Fraser. She’s gone. My Elise is gone—dead, falling the way she always wanted to—in fulfillment of her quest for revenge. I wanted her more than I wanted revenge. But she… She did love me. Does. Did..? I don’t know which tense to use anymore.

“Come back to me,” she once said. Elise, ma cheri (my dear), did you know even then that I would come back? Your lesson lingers with me, like the scent of your perfume on your letter. And that lesson is that it is no hardship to die, if one can be avenged. I know what I was being used to do. What the Animus is really for.

Victoria told me. She told me exactly what I need to get my revenge on the Templars for what they did to Elise. Well, they’ve come for Victoria, and they’ll be coming for me too, soon. But I still can do this. If I were a true Assassin, I’d make use of teh shadows, or hide in plain sight. But I’m just a mid-level employee at an entertainment corporation. Arno managed to outfox both Templar and Assassin.

My act of defiance must be different—and permanent. “Come back to me,” God, Elise, I hear you whisper it even now, I think if I just turn my head quickly enough… I will come to you. But not just yet. When I’ve done all I can, with this feeble brain of Robert Fraser. I’m going back one more time. I know computers and Victoria has told me what to do with—with Arno. I won’t make it out, and that’s all right because I’ll be with you then, mon coeur (my hear). Je t’aime (I love you)”

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