• There’s the original Eve, there’s an Eve that Clay wanted us to meet, and there’s lady Eve.
  • Eve led the revolution before against the First Civ.
  • Minerva knew what Desmond will choose (ACIII ending).
  • According to Minerva, surviving First Civ. members worked with the humans to rekindle the spark of civilization.
  • First Civ. technology was still functional after Toba Catastrophe.


Eve, a recurring name in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. A leader who played the most significant role in human history, leading the revolution of mankind against The Isu and winning the freedom of man.

Her name is mentioned here and there throughout the franchise, disappearing for a while and reappearing again, once shown in The Truth video, then mentioned by Clay, later appearing as a hologram in AC: Liberation via the Prophecy Disk and then in AC: Unity – Dead Kings DLC, who was supposed to receive the small Apple which Arno acquired and ordered it to be delivered to someone named “Lady Eve”.

While the name could be anyone’s, it didn’t refer to any character that we know, other than Eve herself. Nor would it make sense to have such a valuable artifact sent to a random person, unless they had a significant role to play.

Arno's Apple

Arno Dorian holding a smaller version of the Apple of Eden, after acquiring from within The Lantern and shortly before ordering its delivery to "Lady Eve".


Juno was a benign First Civ. member, one of those who didn’t wanna harm or enslave humans. Humans revolted and murdered Juno’s father. Juno became hateful of all humans. Juno started plotting to save the world with the others including using her own husband, Aita as a test subject and he eventually became unstable and asked her to Euthanize him which she did, but not before somehow saving his consciousness and starting a cycle of reincarnation as a Sage who’s soul and consciousness is continuously reborn as a new person in a different time and place. 

Later Juno’s motives changed to wanting to rule the world instead of saving it. Her treachery was discovered and she was imprisoned (and possibly executed or left to die in some sort of prison, yet she survived and endured and began to work on making her plans become real). 

At the same time (we’re talking about interactions with future Assassins, Desmond through Ezio and Desmond personally), Minerva wanted to save the world, save civilization from another cataclysmic event by working with surviving First Civ. members and humans (Eve is likely to be one of those) and communicating with future Assassins to ensure her message is delivered in a more direct way in a closer date to the date of the 2012 Solar Flare. 


Minerva knew what Desmond will choose (she was present when he made the decision to heed Juno’s plan), and she could’ve seen through the Eye what will happen when Juno is set free and at the same time she saw how strong Eve was and how she was able to defy a superior civilization of God-like beings, so nobody could ever be as ready as someone who had done it before.

She uses Eve’s consciousness to start another never-ending cycle of reincarnations for Eve herself to ensure that when Juno is set free, someone will be there to pick up the torch and start the revolution again.

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