Here’s a list of genetic memory fragments and textual sources that refer or belong to known Hyper-Hominids (a.k.a. Sages). The list is in reverse chronological order, beginning in the present and receding into the past:

  • Name: Desmond Miles’ Son
    Born: 2005, United States

The son (born c. 2005) of Desmond Miles is a Sage living in New York. In October 2015, his mother brought him to an Abstergo clinic in New York, at which point Abstergo discovered he shared the patrilineal lineage of Desmond Miles.

While Álvaro Gramática wished to kidnap the boy immediately and conduct a vivisection on him, Isabelle Ardant opposed this, claiming the young Sage as her own project and that such a decision was inhumane. She instead planned to have Abstergo abduct the boy once he was old enough, and then put him into an Animus for fifty years so they could study his lineage. Ardant was killed before this plan could be enacted, however.

    Born: August 16th, 1975
    Status: DECEASED

Samples extracted and body preserved.

    Nationality: Possibly English
    Born: Mid 20th century
    Status: Unknown

In the 1970s and 80s, a few scattered reports of a man resembling a Sage surfaced. He is said to be “otherworldly”, “extraterrestrial” and possessed by multiple personalities”. So far, these reports have proven inconclusive.

  • Name: MASTER SPY
    Born: Late 19th century
    Status: Deceased

Operating on behalf of the German government as head of a spy network, in London, during World War I. He was secretly a member of the Instruments of the First Will, and attempted to create a group of Isu-fanatic servants in London.

A Sage who had fallen completely under the control of Aita’s spirit, in 1916, his organization was dismantled by the Assassin Lydia Frye, at the behest of Winston Churchill, and the Master Spy, assassinated.

In 2015, Juno thanked a Helix initiate for discovering his fate, and added his life, and in doing so a fragment of her late husband, to herself.

    Born: Early/Mid 19th Century

Present during the creation of the Indian National Congressin 1885. Abstergo Entertainment recovered a lengthy series of memories in which he was suspected to appear, but was unable to confirm the sightings as of 2014.

    Born: 1726, France

A French silversmith, Sage and Grand Master of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order during the French Revolution. After experiencing visions of the First Civilization and reading the Codex Pater Intellectus, he took it upon himself to reform the Order, which he believed had grown corrupt after aligning itself with the aristocracy for centuries.

Inspired by Grand Master Jacques de Molay, Germain sought to carry out the “Great Work” and create a capitalist society in which the Templars could more easily control the populace.

  • Name: UNKNOWN
    Nationality: French
    Born: Early 18th century, France.

Enough genetic material extracted from Samples 123355, 422356 and 777561 are available, to adequately investigate this lead. Abstergo search is about to ramp up.

    Born: 1682, Wales.
    Status: Deceased

Killed and deposed of by the Assassin Edward Kenway in 1722 off the coast of Africa. His body was never recovered. Abstergo is searching for genetic memories belonging to members of his crew and those who knew him well.

    Born: 1652, Boston
    Status: Deceased

Abstergo’s knowledge about Mr. Kavanagh comes from their research into the life of Edward Kenway, gleaned from a series of letters collected over an eight-year period in the early 1700s. It is believed that Mr. Kavanagh passed away somewhere on the northern shores of Jamaica at some point around 1706, but no intact genetic material has even been recovered from this Sage or from people who knew him.

  • Name: UNKNOWN
    Born: Late 14th century, China, Hongwu Emperor’s reign.
    Status: Deceased

Multiple references taken from three separate text sources contain descriptions of a probable Sage living in the early period of the Ming dynasty. All three sources refer to this Sage as a “Confucian scholar” and a member of the Emperor’s court.

    Born: 1244 – Molay, Holy Roman Empire

The last publicly recognized Grand Master of the Templar Order, and a Sage. Following his execution, the Templars were disbanded as an official knightly order, and were forced into operating as a secret organization.

  • Name: MAYAN SAGE

At least one Mayan Sage was present on the American continent during the pre-colombian era and before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.By 1716, a giant bust depicting this Sage and attesting his existence could still be seen in a Temple in the ruins of Tulum, an abandonned Mayan city located on the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula and built during the 13th century.

  • Name: UNKNOWN
    Born: 6th century, Byzantium. During the Justinian reign.
    Status: Deceased

A fragmented series of memories from a Christian Bishop point to the possibility that a member of his congregation was a Sage. Abstergo Industries is currently mining for further memories from this period.


An unidentified Hunnic Sage lived in Europe during the height of the Hunnic Empire in the fifth century. He was an ancestor of Desmond Miles.

In 2014, Abstergo Entertainment discovered the existence of this Sage by researching Desmond’s genetic material during their search for DNA samples of Sages. However, the company ultimately decided not to search for this Sage’s remains because they deemed it unlikely they would find any intact genetic material.

  • Name: “The Wanderer”
    Born: Judea
    Status: Deceased

Believed to have encountered Christ en route to Golgotha. All references to this Sage are anecdotal, however. It can also be noted that this figure strikingly resembles, if not the same as what is known as “The Wandering Jew”. Awaiting further information.

    Born: 3rd Millennium BC – Sumer, Ancient Iraq

An unidentified Sumerian Sage was mentionned and described in an antique tablet featuring cuneiform Sumerian.

In 2014, Abstergo Entertainment discovered the clues about this Sage and mentioned him in the firm’s employee handbook, specifically in the confidential part about the Isu civilization and only destined to its Templar employees.


After the outbreak of the human rebellion in 75010 BCE, Aita helped Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter sort through the solutions given to them at the Grand Temple, in order to prevent the First Disaster, which he was able to do until the fifth solution was tested. After their first three attempts at preventing the First Disaster failed, Juno and the others sought to save their race by means of smaller proportions.

The fifth solution was to change their physical bodies by transferring their minds to other vessels, using mechanical and human bodies as test subjects. Pleading with her husband to help her, Juno managed to persuade him to volunteer for the experiment.

After his mind was transferred into a machine and through to a human body, Aita’s mind swiftly deteriorated; while his body would survive, his mind became brittle and catatonic. With enough will, he asked his wife to end his suffering, though she would spend the next months finding ways to help him. She eventually devised a plan to add samples of Aita’s genetic code into the human DNA that would eventually result in the births of children with Aita’s genetic code.

After revealing her intentions to him, she complied with his wish and stabbed him in the heart.

Throughout the next millennia, Aita was reincarnated in the bodies of various humans – known as Sages – such as Thom Kavanagh, Bartholomew Roberts, François-Thomas Germain, and John Standish, giving them his appearance and memories. Kavanagh wasn’t able to make sense of the dual memories until he arrived at the Observatory years after he began experiencing them. Germain also experienced these visions as well. It is unknown if Roberts or John experienced similar confusion. According to the Assassins, there had been over eight confirmed Sages as of 1716.

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