The Isu, known to humanity as the First Civilization, Those Who Came Before, or the Precursor Race, and classified as Homo sapiens divinus by Abstergo Industries, are an ancient, advanced species of humanoids that predated the human race and have evolved on Earth and perhaps the first intelligent species native to Earth.
“We simply came before” – Minerva


The Isu, known to humanity as the First Civilization, Those Who Came Before, or the Precursor Race, and classified as Homo sapiens divinus by Abstergo Industries, are an ancient, advanced species of humanoids that predated the human race and have evolved on Earth and perhaps the first intelligent species native to Earth.
The Isu are natives to Earth and a product of millennia of evolution. However, the exact origin of the Isu is unknown, nor how long they’ve existed.
According to The Phoenix Project video by Abstergo, a timeline is shown dating back to as far as 150,000 & 160,000 BCE, and beyond as a hypothetical date for the creation or the discovery of the technology behind the Pieces of Eden.


The Isu are humanoid creatures. From the first glance, they seem indistinguishable from modern humans, except for their distinctive choice of fashion, battle garments and style. However, as we dig into their biology and anatomy, and more specifically, their genome, we discover a great deal of differences, starting from the fact that their DNA, is a triple helix model, unlike most species on Earth, including humans, who share a double helical model, instead.

Isu individuals posses six senses instead of five, which humans posses. The sixth behind “Knowledge”. They’re also a bit taller than humans, and their brain size is thirty-percent larger, which might explain the presence of their sixth sense.

Durga, an Isu member who encountered Arbaaz Mir, possessed a pair of extra limbs. Whether these were genetically engineered, surgically attached or a type of mutation or if she’s a member of an Isu subspecies, is unknown.


Creation of Mankind

The Isu are responsible for the creation of the human race. They’ve created Homo sapiens, designing them in their own likeness and image, yet stripped of their sixth sense and other characteristics, to insure they remain an inferior species and a docile workforce.

They also created Homo neanderthalensis. Unlike Homo sapiens, those were made as a military or an expeditionary force.

Pieces of Eden

The Pieces of Eden are high tech ancient artifacts that vary in their shape, size and purpose. They are often known to exhibit miraculous abilities comparable to magic. However, they’re not magic, but scientific devices which is far beyond our technological advancement level. Some of them are used as weapons, such as The Swords of Eden, others have controlling abilities like The Apples of Eden, while The Shrouds of Eden posses the ability to heal and even raise from the dead.

It is also known that Pieces of Eden can be used in conjunction with other P.O.E such as The Staff of Eden with The Apple, or the Koh-i-Noor diamond which, according to Durga, an Isu member can connect multiple P.O.E. together, for a purpose yet unknown.

Some of P.O.E. do not have one purpose or effect, that even The Isu themselves discovered their new purposes by chance, such as The Apple, which was discovered to have the ability to create things based on the collective thoughts of a group of people enthralled by its beam.

Shay Cormac discovered a different type of Pieces of Eden in Lisbon which had the ability to control seismic activity.

Abstergo Industries, along with Clay Kaczmarek, thoroughly studied history through genetic memory experiments in the Animus and have discovered that most legends and myths told throughout history are actually truly, with the part that is related to magic being actually an effect of one or more of the Pieces of Eden.


During the time when Isu members were desperately trying to find a solution to save the world from the cataclysm or to withstand it. One of the solution was to transfer the consciousness of Isu members to a stronger vessel/body which can withstand the harsh environment caused by the cataclysm. A process where one’s consciousness would be transferred to a machine and then a stronger vessel, with humans used as test subjects.

The first volunteer for the experiment was Juno’s own husband, Aita. He managed to successfully transfer himself into the stronger body, but in the process, his mind deteriorated, rendering him catatonic and unstable.

For months, he begged Juno to end his life. Until she eventually complied, under the condition that she uses his genetic code for a plan which she devised following her imprisonment into the Grand Temple.

She took his DNA code and transferred it to human subject who would carry it over generation, reincarnating him over and over, creating what is known as “A Sage”. The cycle of Sages continues to this day, where a person is born, bearing the genetic code of Aita, which eventually takes over the host’s consciousness to become Aita himself, with Aita’s original memories infusing within the Sage’s mind and whose personality fades and dominates at different points and situations.

Sages are distinguished with their Heterochromia, where each eye bears a different color than the other, or sometimes more than one color in the same iris.

These signs and distinctive characteristics vary from one Sage to another.

It must also be noted that Sages can appear at any point in history and two sages can still be born in the same era, even when both are still alive.


Isu history is a long and detailed one, most of which is shrouded in mystery. However, bits and pieces were uncovered, some of which was revealed by Isu members themselves like Juno and Minerva, giving us an insight into what the world looks and feels like, and there’s no recorded beginning to Isu Era. However, as mentioned above, Abstergo Industries’ presentation of The Phoenix Project hinted at dates set as far as 160,000 BCE. We only knew few historical moments:


A war that involved Isu civilizations that took place sometime prior to the year 1923 IE (circa 75,383 BCE). This war lead to the creation of the Swords of Eden by Hephaestus, leading to numerous casualties. The exact motives and reasons for this war are unknown.


The War of Unification, resulted in many casualties and injuries to Isu warriors/soldiers, which influenced Consus -Hephaestus’ apprentice- to create The Shrouds of Eden to heal and presumably resurrect fallen warriors/soldiers.


According to Consus, an Isu scientist who’s responsible for the creation of the first Shroud of Eden for the purposes of healing, the creation of making took place after 1923 IE and before, 2296 IE (circa. 75,383 – 75,010 BCE), the latter being the date humanity started the rebellion against the Isu, lead by Eve.


Juno, an Isu member and a scientist, who grew to become one of the most pivotal members of her civilization, was born into the Illuminate Caste, in 2195 IE, in Feyan City.


After Adam and Eve, two Isu member who were the product of inbreeding between Isu and humans, leading them to be invulnerable to the effects of the Pieces of Eden, managed to escape from their masters with an Apple of Eden, started a series of events that lead to a full scale war between Humanity and Isu, which lasted for 10 years.

One of the known casualties of this war was Juno’s father, who was murdered by human rebels with a club, leading to Juno’s eternal hatred for humanity.


While both the Isu and humans were consumed with the 10 years war, a cataclysmic event involving a Solar Flare was approaching. The Isu, despite their technology and prowess, did not have time to prepare for this event, which took place in 2306 IE leading to the deaths of thousands of people from both sides, eventually leading the extinction of the Isu in the following centuries.



Also known as The Garden of Eden, is a city or a territory that existemanaged to infiltrate a building in Eden and escape with an Apple.

d during the Isu era. A place where the Isu held their most valuable creations, including humanity.

Adam and Evc, the first humans born from interbreeding between Isu members and humanity, and are devoid of the neural receptor which corresponds to the Pieces of Eden, and therefore, free of the influence of the Pieces of Eden,

Modern day Assassins, Clay Kaczmarek who is also a descendant of Adam, relived their memories and recorded a brief footage from the moments when Adam and Eve infiltrated Eden, which Desmond Miles later discovered within the Animus, showing us a a glimpse of the city, which is an example of a futuristic green city, where greenery are grown on its rooftops and balconies, showing that Isu members cared deeply for the environment.

In “The Truth” footage, which Clay recorded, a mountain strong resembling Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa, is seen in the background, suggesting the city’s location being somewhere near modern day Tanzania. In “The Miracle” experience, Clay Kaczmarek told Desmond Miles: “Eden. She… in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA…”, speaking of Eve and Eden. The true purpose of his speech remains a mystery.


The only known city from the Isu Era is Feyan City, which was mentioned by Juno as her birthplace, while interacting with the Initiate during the World War I simulation.

Nothing is known about that city, its inhabitants or where it’s located, other than the fact that it was an Isu city with presumably human workers, and it’s located somewhere on Earth.


The Isu follow a caste system, revealed by Juno during her conversations with the Initiate in the World War I simulation. Juno mention being born into the Illuminate Caste, and she was a scientist, suggesting that society was divided into classes whose descendants inherit the caste’s speciality/role in society.


The general aesthetics of their world resemble contemporary/futuristic designs by modern architects, with interiors being generally vast halls, concert walls, with distinctive blue-white lighting often emerging from the intersections between walls and floors. The dominate features are minimalism and vastness.

The exteriors either resemble the interiors, or follow a generally white and futuristic design.

It must also be noted that Isu sites around the globe often share a similar sense of design and architecture.

Abstergo Industries managed to capture a very short memory footage from John Standish, a modern day Sage who worked at Abstergo, also known as “John from IT”, which revealed a short sequence, showing Isu warriors, human rebels, and buildings of Sumerian, Babylonian and Ancient Egyptian architecture.


Like the rest of Isu history, little is known about the type of government and world divisions of the Isu Era. However, judging by the architecture of various Isu sites around the globe, the similarities suggest that this world dominating civilization seem to have some sort of unified design, where their world might have had some sort of unified government and they all lived as one nation as a species rather than as divided into various countries, each with its own system, agenda and law.

A hundred years I might speak and still you would not know us. You with five senses. Us with six. The one we kept from you. To be safe. Now, you can never know. Only try.” ― Juno

Notable Figures

Throughout history, a lot of myths and legends involved gods and monsters, and the supernatural events and reality-shattering events and abilities they were capable of.

Most of these figures represent real figures, who were neither deities nor wizards, but Isu members with high technology indistinguishable from magic. Humans at that time could not comprehend the nature of these beings, especially given how humanity was inferior to the Isu, whom are more advanced than modern humans. To them, the science they mastered was similar to magic, and the people behind it were considered gods, especially that they were responsible for the creation of mankind, as well as enslaving them using the powers of the Pieces of Eden.

Throughout time, most of these battles and wars turned to myths and legends and many of which were altered and eventually forgotten through time.

Various myths use different names but they all refer to the same figures of the Isu civilization. For example, Juno was referred to as Uni by certain civilizations and Hera by others. And Minerva was later named Mera and Merva. Jupiter was also called Tinia.

Among the known figures are:

Juno, Minerva, Tinia, Consus, Aita, Hephaestus, Hermes Trismegistus, Isis, Osiris, Durga, Aphrodite, Diana, as well as an unknown entity who emerged through the Koh-i-Noor.


Science and Technology

According to the late Dr. Warren Vidic, most revolutionary discoverers and human innovations were merely rediscoveries of Isu creations, knowledge learned from attempts to reverse engineer or studying Isu technology.

Abstergo Industries is the leader in most of these discoveries, yet they use smaller companies and names as a forefront and cover to their own discoveries, to avoid raising public suspicions.

Prevention of the Second Distaster

During the time when the Isu was looking for solutions to save the world from the Solar Flare, and with the vast knowledge and technological advancement of their civilization, a device known as The Eye was created by Minerva. Its purpose was to look and possibly enhance the precognitive abilities of the Isu and allow them to see different outcomes of the future based on the given variables of the present.

While they aimed to be able to travel back in time, it was proven to be impossible. So they browsed through various future outcomes, none of which showed that any of their solutions worked.

Juno discovered that one of the solutions was to transfer Isu consciousness into some sort of server, built within a powerful, protected vault to preserve them until the cataclysm ends. Isu members, Minerva and Tinia rejected this solution because while entering the device was proven to be possible, leaving would require a human sacrifice.

Minerva understood that there are numbers, divinations that explain existence, so she created a device that would be able to manipulate the numbers and save the Earth from the Coronal Mass Ejection, the device was called The Pedestal. 

Juno further investigated into this solution and tampered with the device so that while this device was capable of saving the world, it would also give Juno total power. Hence the solution was abandoned and Juno was imprisoned within the Grand Temple.

This lead her to look into the abandoned solution of transferring her consciousness into the Grand Temple, and create the cycle of Sages that would one day release her and have total power over the world.

Toba Catastrophe might have exterminated the reign of the Isu and lead to their eventual extinction. But Minerva along with Tinia worked hand in hand with mankind to rebuild the world and to prevent this cataclysm from ever destroying the world again, which they found that will occur on 12.21.12. This lead Minerva to communicate with Ezio Auditore while he was investigating an Isu site beneath the Vatican, knowing that Desmond Miles will one day relive his memories, delivering him a warning about the upcoming cataclysm.

Juno also made contact with Desmond Miles, an Assassin with a high Isu DNA concentration, influencing him to use The Pedestal to save the world, and releasing her into The Grey, a state of living within the network, which she calls The Nervous System of the World, a pivotal step in helping her accomplish her long-planned goal of dominating over the world.



Following the release of Juno from the Grand Temple, with the help of Aita (as a Sage), Juno managed to gain support from humans, calling for her return to rule the world. A group known as The Instruments of the First Will. A group whom Juno and Aita influenced to join her into The Grey. 

The group, lead by The Sage, is searching for different means to help strengthen Juno so she can finally rule the world.

Abstergo Industries is using The Instruments of the First Will to help them find Pieces of Eden, pretending to support them in their goal. In reality, Abstergo found the Shroud of Eden and is looking for means to create a fully conscious Isu member, using their genetic code and the Pieces of Eden they gathered so far.

Violet Da Costa, an Abstergo Industries Operative who works along side Juhani Otso Berg, is secretly a member of The Instruments of the First Will, who’s helping Juno take over a physical body, who promised her to “Save” them all.

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