Nadia Verrucci, the talented actress behind Isu / First Civilization scientist, Juno and the primary antagonist of the Assassin’s Creed franchise took over The Codex for a live Q&A, hosted by Rino The BouncerFriday, April 14th, 2017 on the official Facebook page of The Codex, to answer questions submitted by RTB and the fans live during the stream.

Verrucci gave us an insight on her career as a voice actress, her work on Assassin’s Creed franchise, and delivered some epic lines from Juno. The stream is available for you to watch here:


Nadia is a META (Montreal English Theatre Awards) award winning actress, voice artist, singer, director and choreographer. Since 2009, she’s been a principal voice in the Assassin’s Creed video game series, first as Sister Teodora (Assassin’s Creed II), and later as Juno, the primary antagonist of the franchise, a member of the First Civilization/ The Isu and leader of The Instruments of the First Will (starting with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood until the present). She also voiced Dilara (Assassin’s Creed: Revelations). Other video game credits include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Far Cry Primal and Watch Dogs II. Nadia enjoyed recurring roles on Being Human and Mohawk Girls and has also appeared in Mirror Mirror, The Hunger, and Punisher: No Mercy.

Nadia made her professional theatre debut at Centaur Theatre in the world premiere of Carmela’s Table. She has since appeared with Talisman Theatre (Billy [The Days of Howling]), The Segal Centre (The Jazz Singer; Belles Soeurs: The Musical), Composite Theatre Co. (I’m Not Here), MaryBeth Productions (In Search of Mrs. Pirandello) and Kaleidoscope Theatre (Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical), among others.  As a choreographer and director, she has worked with various companies, including Lakeshore Light Opera, McGill Savoy Society, VSP, Dames in Disdress Burlesque and The Dukes of Drag.  Nadia’s own theatre company, In Your Face entertainment, produced both children’s and musical theatre during its five year run, most recently Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (META award for best actress) and Souvenir (based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins).


An Isu / First Civilization member and scientist born in the city of Feyan into the Illuminate Caste. in 2195 I.E. (Isu Era).

At first, she was compassionate towards mankind, yet due to the human rebellion against the Isu, started by Adam and Eve who stole the Apple of Eden, her father was murdered by humans, leading to her grudge towards mankind.

She’s one of three members of, Minerva and Jupiter who sought to find a solution to prevent the Toba Catastrophe, leading them to resort to extreme and dangerous measures to attempt to save their world. Their plans ultimate proved either impossible, time inefficient or dangerous, and their civilization fell apart due to the first disaster, leading to their extinction.

In the meantime, Juno resorted to one of the dangerous abandoned solutions to save the world, and she transferred her consciousness to the Grand Temple to be preserved in safety, but not before using her husband, Aita’s DNA to create a cycle of reincarnating lineage called Sages, reborn over the ages, carrying his memories and consciousness until the right time for him to release Juno from the Grand Temple’s digital preservation of her consciousness in what she calls The Grey, to rise and reclaim what she considers her rightful throne of the world, enslaving and ruling over all mankind.

Since Desmond freed her from the Grand Temple, she’s been been spread into the global network, communicating with various individuals and The Sage and created what is known as The Instruments of The First Will, a faction of humans, led by Aita and Juno, who believe in her right to rule over mankind.

She awaits the completion of The Phoenix Project, a program by Abstergo attempting to recreate an Isu body using First Civilization DNA, which she hopes to transfer her consciousness into, to behind her plans to rule the world.

To learn the full history of The Isu / First Civilization, click here.

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