A Facebook game, which was launch September 30th, 2010 featuring the “Italian Wars” memory set.

In Project Legacy, players were recruits for Abstergo Industries’ Project Legacy, who relived the genetic memories of other individuals through a machine known as the DDS (Data Dump Scanner). The DDS was similar to an Animus, in concept, but it allows a person to relive the memory of someone who was not their ancestor.

In all, there were three memory sets available: “Italian Wars”, “Rome” (November 15th, 2010) and “Holidays” (December 22nd, 2010). The fourth memory set, Divine Science (July 4th, 2011), was made available outside of the DDS by Erudito, though the DDS interface still mentioned that the pack was “coming soon.”

In Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, an Abstergo dossier stated that Project Legacy was currently on hold, due to security concerns. On May 15th, 2013, Facebook removed the game because it no longer complied with their TOS (Terms of Service) for Facebook applications, as it had not been updated recently. It is unknown if the game will ever return in the future.

PROJECT WIDOW website launched prior to the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, presenting a virtual tour throughout the city of Paris in present day, with various clues left all over the city that reference the game and the most important historical events related to it, and to the French Revolution, as well material referencing Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The virtual tour is very similar in style to the Street View in Google Maps. The website later shut down, and now it only features the main page, which redirects to Ubisoft’s official website. The original URL of the website is


The first Assassin’s Creed Action-RPG game for mobile devices that lets you create, evolve and customize your own Assassins and play them in the iconic Renaissance Italy setting.

Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. It is the first on mobile to incorporate the third-person urban traversal-style gameplay as seen in the main console titles. It was initially soft-launched in 2014 as a free-to-play game for New Zealand and Australian App Stores. The game was released worldwide for on iOS on 25 February 2016. The Android version released on 18 May 2016 along with a new DLC worth which is now available for both platforms.


An Assassin’s Creed game for smartphones and tablets developed by Ubisoft Paris. The story follows the pirate Alonzo Batilla, who holds the key to finding the treasure of the French pirate, La Buse. The game focuses on naval combat and is set in the early 18th century.


Assassin’s Creed returns to the 15th century with Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, a free-to-play strategy RPG just announced for iOS and Android devices, and developed in close collaboration with Behaviour Interactive studio. The game offers an unique Assassin’s Creed visual experience thanks to a new artistic direction, presenting familiar faces in a new light while remaining faithful to the series.

Giving players the chance to build their own Assassin Brotherhood, manage a fortress, and engage in covert missions against the Templars, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion brings together a roster of more than 40 Assassins. Recruit familiar Assassins such as Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, Claudia, and Machiavelli, along with more than 20 new unlockable characters exclusively created for Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. You can play with these and other famous Assassins simultaneously thanks to a new version of the Animus that merges the memories of several Assassins together.

Set in Spain during the height of the Inquisition, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion lets you build out your Brotherhood HQ with new rooms that enable you to train your Assassins and craft new items and equipment. As you level up your Brotherhood, additional rooms and other content become available, opening up new upgrade options. Your fortress also serves as a base of operations before taking teams of three Assassins into various infiltration missions. Different skills and character combinations are better suited to some missions than others, so the way you develop your Brotherhood can have a big impact on gameplay. The types of missions you pursue also have an effect on how your Assassins develop: standard missions are key for gathering resources to upgrade your Assassins, while Loot missions will earn materials for crafting. New Assassins are unlocked by collecting their DNA fragments in Story or Legacy missions.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is currently in development, with a worldwide release coming soon to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android platforms. The game is recommended for devices running iOS 8 on Android 4.1, and optimized for Android devices with at least 2GB RAM.