The critically acclaim franchise, Assassin’s Creed comes to the big screen with Assassin’s Creed Movie, following the journey of Callum Lynch, a death row inmate who’s taken by Abstergo to their Madrid branch of the Abstergo Foundation, to explore his genetic memories through the Animus, as Dr. Sofia Rikkin, daughter of Abstergo CEO, Alan Rikkin is hoping to find a cure for violence by learning about its origins from the genetic memories of numerous Assassins throughout history. Her project is supervised by Alan Rikkin, who seems to support his daughters work, while having far more sinister motives, seeking an ancient artifact. Callum Lynch relives the life of Aguilar De Nerha, a strong and determined Assassin in 15th century Andalusia (Spain), who’s joined by his companion, Maria on a dangerous journey during the Spanish Inquisition. The Assassin’s Creed movie premiered December 21st, 2016 in the US, and went on to gross $213m from a budget of $125m, a commercial success. Prior to its premier, act or Michael Fassbender and director Justin Kurzel expressed interest in creating sequels, stating that the movie is part of a planned trilogy.
Callum Lynch

After a shooting in Texas, Cal is sentenced to death by Lethal Injection. Waking up at Abstergo in Madrid, and being confronted by Sofia Rikkin, informing him that his execution was a fake and he’s the unwitting subject of the Animus. Cal is oblivious of his Assassin lineage and he doesn’t belong anywhere in the world nor does he have a family left.

Sofia Rikkin

Daughter of Abstergo CEO, Alan Rikkin. She’s focused on the Animus experiments and she subjects Cal, like many others to the Animus to review their genetic memory, in attempts to understand the roots of hostility in human behavior. Sofia strongly believes that she’s doing the right thing, and she’s ready to go back to Adam & Eve, in attempts to stop violence in present day.

Alan Rikkin

CEO of Abstergo, a multinational corporate conglomerate and one of the most powerful commercial entities in the world. More importantly, it’s the primary forefront for the Templar Order in modern day. Alan Rikkin supervises the Lineage Research Program carried out by his daughter, Sofia. While he allows her to pursue her goals, he’s using her research for a far more sinister agenda.


A middle-eastern Assassin. He was subjected to the Animus prior to Cal, to relive the life of his ancestor Baptiste, who lived 200 years before him. At some point, he whispers to Cal to jump out of the building while he still can. He also plays with magic and is seen demonstrating certain ‘powers’.


A distant ancestor of Cal whom the latter relives his memories through the Animus. He is an Assassin with a strong commitment to the Creed. His story will be explored during the year 1491, during the Spanish Inquisition. He’s from the city of Seville. He’s accompanied by his trusted partner, Maria throughout his missions. It must be noted that Aguilar, like Altair, misses his ring finger to facilitate the use of the Hidden Blade.


Aguilar’s Assassin companion. Maria accompanies Aguilar throughout his missions. She’s fast, skilled and determined and she serves as a reminder of the Creed’s tenants and reason to Aguilar.

Tomás de Torquemada

A Spanish Dominican friar, the first Inquisitor General of Spain, confessor to Isabella I of Castile, and a member of the Templar Order. Under influence of Rodrigo Borgia, Grand Master of the Italian Templars and Papal candidate, Torquemada opposed the Spanish Assassin Brotherhood, persecuting them as part of the Spanish Inquisition.


Head of the Templar army during the Spanish Inquisition. While Torquemada pulls the strings, Ojeda does the real work: exacting brutal punishment on any who dare to challenge the inquisition. He thinks nothing of razing entire towns, and commands a grand army. An imposing presence, complete with broken nose and a milky eye, Ojeda has a serious hatred of the Spanish, Assassin Aguilar.

Coming to Home Video in Digital HD (including iTunes Store and PSN) on March 10th, and Physical Media on March 21st (US) and March 28th (EMEA/UK).