Set in 48 BCE in Ancient Egypt, during the ascension of Cleopatra VII to the throne, and the beginning of the end of the Egyptian Empire.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins follows Bayek of Siwa, hailed from the town of Siwa in Egypt. He’s also the last Medjay, an old Nubian Egyptian order which had become obsolete under the rule of the Greek Ptolemies. Bayek was the respected protector of his community, but viewed as an inconvenient relic by those in power in the rest of Egypt.

Bayek’s journey will take him across Egypt, witnessing a shift in power as well as playing a pivotal role in the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood.


Eagle Vision will return to its most raw and literal form as Bayek will team up with an eagle named Senu and he becomes his second pair of eyes. By pressing up, the player’s vision switches to that of Senu and he flies, giving Bayek and the player a different and a broader perspective. Bayek can also climb every cliff, rock, face and mountain in the game. It is stated that Bayek’s sixth sense is what allows him to see through Senu’s eyes. Viewpoints in Origins are no longer the primary way to uncover locations, as that’s what Senu and the Eagle Vision are there for, but synching them allows the player to navigate farther with Senu, as well as fast traveling.

Tomb Raiding

Tomb Raiding and Puzzle solving are back with few alterations. Bayek travels across Ancient Egypt and explores tombs and pyramids which require puzzle solving. This time, the focus is more on platform balancing and weights than on pushing switches and pulling levers. Bayek will explore at least one Pyramid in the main campaign and there are over 20 sites to explore which includes pyramids, tombs, temples other treasure-filled points of interests, to explore optionally.

RPG Elements

A brand new graph system is established, which allows the player to evolve and develop Bayek as they see fit, without having to go a linear path of upgrading skills throughout a tree menu. The system will focus on non-linear graph of skills. Players can choose to evolve in three main paths, The Seer (using tools and manipulating the environment, The Hunter (ranged combat and stealth) and The Warrior (melee). Bayek can reach a maximum level of 40. Bayek can can upgrade Bayek’s bracer, breastplate, stabilizer, pouches and hidden blade via crafting materials and each item has its own stats boosts. Players can also access a wide range of weaponry with varying strength and ranges. A loot system is established and it features common, rare and legendary items. The game is also structured to be split 50/50 between stealth and non-stealth, without emphasizing on one “correct” style of playing. 


In combat, Bayek is a great warrior who uses his shield when arrows are fired at him and the arrows stick into the shield and then Bayek can use them, firing them back on his enemies. Animals will also attack Bayek and each other, and it’s up to the player to take that fact to their advantage. It is also confirmed that there will be boss fights throughout the game with various formidable and ferocious foes, both human and non-human.

In addition to a revised combat system, there is a new Adrenaline Gauge that builds up energy during combat, giving the player the ability to either unleash devastating finishing moves on their enemy or make Bayek enter a frenzy, during which he is temporarily faster, stronger and more resistant to damage.

Origins features a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, heavy weapons, long weapons, bombs and shields. In total, there are over 150 weapons in the game, ranging in rarity from Common to Legendary, that all have pros and cons within Origins’s new combat system. Some weapons also have specific attributes, such as a bigger chance to deal critical damage or bleed properties.

Online Elements

Multiplayer will not be returning in Origins, yet there will be connectivity which will focus more about collaboration than competition.

Choices and Consequences

Ubisoft Montreal confirmed that there will be missions when the player is given a choice to let a man live or die, and while there are no consequences for either choice, it helps shaping up the protagonist according to the player’s mentality, whether Bayek is a man of mercy or rage.


Bayek can put on a variety of different outfits which ranges from full outfits like traditional Egyptian garbs and nothing that is era appropriate, as well as outfits which fit the player’s fantasy of Ancient Egypt such as the Anubis outfit which is complete with a golden mask to complete the Jackal-headed god’s look, while another outfit is inspired by mummies. Costumes also have multiple colors and material variations as well as special visual effects.


The disputed land, Faiyoum is another one of the many oasis lands in Egypt. It was once a great sea, but is now home to the bones of great, ancient whales. It’s also home to an abundance of history, that can be found throughout the land.


The Nile Delta is a land of plenty. And danger. The fertile lands where the Nile River flows into the Mediterranean Sea are the source of abundant life. Here you’ll find farmers tilling the land, growing the crops that keep the surrounding cities moving, and the soldiers and brutes who exert control over the people. What else will you find exploring these grounds?


Discover the agony of exile while walking among the poor souls of the Siwa Oasis, one of the loneliest and most isolated places in all of Ancient Egypt. It’s situated below sea level, making the climate hot and dry, and less-than-ideal for would-be scavengers. Still, there are temples, and even a necropolis, which means there’s plenty to be uncovered if you can handle the discomfort. Be careful as you traverse the barren sands, however, you may find yourself losing your grip on reality.


Positioned near the mouth of the Nile Delta, Giza and Memphis are home to the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Egyptian capital during the old kingdom. Explore the tombs and catacombs in search of the area’s lost secrets and dark tales. Decrypt hieroglyphics as you solve riddles and slowly unravel the foundations of this ancient Civilisation.