RUMOR: More Details About Assassin’s Creed: Empire Surfaced

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According to GameActuality website, new information about the yet-to-be-announced upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, reportedly called “Empire” have leaked. The information is quite similar to the early report that we’ve reported back in January 2016, with few more details added and specification. The original article is in French, so here’s a translated version of the most important point that were reported:

  • The new protagonist/Assassin of this new adventure is reportedly called “Bayek” -we do not have the official spelling- and he’s a former slave, and an ancestor of Altaïr.
  • The time/era is reportedly the ancient/antiquity times of the Pharaohs in Egypt, with deserts and mirages.
  • The game features an RPG- level system, and enemies have levels and the protagonist would have to level up throughout the game.
  • The character is reportedly fully customizable. (whether this means his facial and bodily features or only his outfit and equipment, remains unknown).
  • Eagle’s vision will no longer be available, but instead, you could call and direct your eagle directly to spot and mark your enemies in the manner of the drone in Watch Dogs 2 or Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  • Wild animals such as elephants and crocodiles can be hunted.
  • At the moment, the game is in a very advanced phase of development.
  • The graphics are reportedly similar to Syndicate.
  • The leaks unveiled online were drawn from the real project.

The information above have neither been confirmed officially and neither was the game ever officially announced. There are no other sources reported for this information, so it could very well be just a rumor. To read the original article in French, click here.

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