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In a recent survey by Ubisoft sent out to select members of the community, suggestions regarding what content do players prefer for the Season Pass of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The survey asks players to rank twelve types of content from most to least favorite. The content include:

  1. A new storyline in a new area.
  2. New missions played in the same world as the main game.
  3. A pack of Helix credits.
  4. A DLC that lets me expand my character progression.
  5. Exclusive perks for season pass members (i.e. permanent boosts).
  6. Early access to DLC.
  7. Weekly episodic story missions with established and/or new characters.
  8. A DLC that focuses on an entirely new character with its own progression system.
  9. New gear and equipment (weapons, armor, outfit).
  10. A new mode that introduces elements generally would not see in an Assassin’s Creed game (e.g. magic, mythical creatures).
  11. An exclusive item for season pass members (weapon, outfit…).
  12. New abides that do no exist in the main game.

Here’s a screenshot of the survey:

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